Biomedcode Hellas SA
CRO - Arthritis, Preclinical, TNF-alpha inhibitors, Remicade, Rheumatoid Arthritis(RA)

Preclinical Efficacy Platforms
in-vivo standardized preclinical platforms of arthritis, intestinal inflammation, psoriasis, osteoporosis and other inflammatory diseases
Therapeutic areas - Animal models
Spondyloarthritis - mouse tmTNF driven spondyloarthritis (TgA86)
Osteoporosis - human RANKL transgenic mice (TghRANKL)
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Human TNF driven polyarthritis (Tg197)
Human tmTNF driven arthritis (Tg5453)
Human TNF driven slow progressing arthritis (Tg3647)
Human TNF-TNFR1 driven arthritis (Tg197hTNFR1KI)
Mouse TNF driven spondyloarthritis (TNFΔARE)
Collagen Antibody Induced Arthritis (CAIA)
Human TNF driven CAIA
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
Mouse TNF driven spondylitis (TNFΔARE)
Human TNF dependent TNBS colitis
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
MOG-induced EAE in wild type mice
MOG-induced EAE in human TNFR1 knock-in mice
IMQ-induced psoriasis in wild type mice
IMQ-induced psoriasis in human IL17A transgenic
Complex mouse disease models developing comorbidities
Biomedcode offers preclinical testing using complex mouse models closely recapitulating the complexity of human disease as they also exhibit co-developing pathologies also observed in human patients.
Humanized targets
Biomedcode has an array of humanized models ideal for the preclinical testing of therapeutics targeting human molecules with no cross-species reactivity.
Human TNF
Human TNFR1
Human IL17A
Acute inflammation
Small doses of endotoxin induce in mice acute inflammatory responses similar to those occuring during the early stages of septic shock.
LPS acute sepsis (Cytokine release)
GalN - LPS hepatic
Customized Service
in vivo pharmacokinetic (PK) studies
GalN - LPS hepatic