Immuno Oncology -Shanghai Model Organisms Center, Inc.
Repository of Research-Ready GEM models
We offer 1000+ Research-Ready mouse models to jump start your mouse experiments
Tool Mice
Including: Cre recombinase, reporter gene, and Cas9-related mice
Disease Mice
Mouse models of human diseases for studying the role of genes in the inheritance, pathogenesis and progression of diseases.
Fluorescent Reporter Mice
Mouse models carrying knock-in or transgenic fluorescent reporter genes for gene expression profiling and visual analysis, protein subcellular localization, and genetic lineage tracing.
Humanized Mice (Immuno-Oncology)
Humanized mice of drug target genes, such as humanized mice of immune checkpoint genes, for drug screening and drug efficacy evaluation, helping accelerate the development of drugs.
Tumor cell lines
SMOC reserves over 100 commonly used tumor cell lines, mostly derived from the ATCC and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Collection Committee cell bank.
These cell lines can be used to offer technical services such as cell line knock-in/knock-out, cell proliferation/apoptosis, and cell migration/invasion.
Fluorescent-Labeled Cells
Primary Cells
GEM Models
Customized service (주문제작), CRISPR - Cas9 Technology
Gene Knockout
Conventional (constitutive) gene knockout, Conditional gene knockout, KO first
Gene Knock-in
Conventional gene knock-in, Point mutation, Conditional point mutation, Humanization
Gene Overexpression
Targeted conditional overexpression, Random Transgenes
Applications of Animal Models
Study of gene functions
To study the in vivo function of a gene or its encoded protein and identify its role within cellular processes.
Research on human diseases
To mimic human diseases for the research on pathogenesis, development processes, gene-regulation, therapeutic treatments, etc. Cancer, Hemophilia, Dysgenesis, Inflammation, Aging and Longevity, Osteoporosis, Pleomorphic Adenoma
Drug screening
To allow focused and high-throughput in vivo drug screening for more valuable pre-clinical research and accelerate drug development.
Gene tracking
To visualize the in vivo expression of genes or proteins to uncover cell fate and genetic lineage.